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Join us for our online masterclasses 26-28th August 2020

We are sad that we will not be able to welcome you to Elmhurst Ballet School this year for our annual Summer Schools, however we are delighted that our talented team of dance teachers and pianists will be joined by artists from Birmingham Royal Ballet to bring you a series of workshops, designed to prepare you for your return to training in September.

Delivered from our state-of-the art studios in Birmingham, choose from:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary technique
  • Creative contemporary
  • Jazz technique
  • Insights into ‘Life in a Ballet Company’
  • Insights into full-time vocational training at Elmhurst

Classes are offered in two age group categories:

  • 10-13 years old (Junior)
  • 14-19 years old (Senior)

Daily Class Timetables 

Wednesday 26th August 2020 

Thursday 27th August 2020

Friday 28th August 2020 


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Your class will consist of a warm-up, barre, port de bras, centre practice, adage, basic pirouette, petit and medium allegro, accompanied by live piano music. (We are unfortunately unable to off grand allegro and pointe work exercises as many students will be limited by the space they are working in).

You will be required to learn unset exercises and sequences of movement delivered by the tutor.

Elmhurst taught Masterclass                                                                       Price £25                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Classes are limited to 20 students so that your tutor can provide both general feedback and individual correction where required. 

Your tutors

  • Andrea Tredinnick, former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet; 
  • Laëtitia Lo Sardo, past winner of the prestigious Prix de Lausanne international ballet competition and former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet; 
  • Lei Zhao, former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet;
  • Sander Blommaert, former dancer with The Royal Ballet;
  • Robert Parker, former Principal dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet and now the Artistic Director of Elmhurst.

Birmingham Royal Ballet artist taught Masterclass                                 Price £15

While general feedback will be provided, there will be no individual correction due to the larger class numbers.

Your tutors 

  • Brandon Lawrence, Principal Dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Celine Gittens, Principal Dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Samara Downs, Principal Dancer with Birmgihan Royal Ballet 

Contemporary Technique                                                             Price £10

This class will focus on the execution of Contemporary technique, influenced by the style of Cunningham. 

Centring on core strength and back movement, this session will encourage understanding of the fundamental importance of movement quality in dance such as the use of gravity, catch and release, expansion and breath. 

Your tutor

Angela Towler, former dancer and rehearsal director with Rambert;

Creative Contemporary                                                                  Price £10 

This class will help you to delve into your personal creativity and encourage you to explore your own physical movement vocabulary based on improvisation. You will work collaboratively with your tutor to trigger ideas and create material and movement sequences for yourself – an essential skill for every dancer entering today’s dance industry.

Your tutor

Sandrine Monin, Elmhurst Artist in Residence, choreographer and former dancer with Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Jazz Technique                                                                                 Price £10

You will learn the basic fundamental technique of Jazz, exploring the use of isolation and floor work, building sequences and developing jazz combinations to a range of musical styles. 

Your tutors 

  • Jenny MacNamara, Head of Contemporary, Jazz and Related Dance Styles at Elmhurst and former dancer with Kokuma Dance Theatre and ACE Dance and Music.
  • Sarah-Jayne Blackwell, Resident Jazz Teacher and tescher of Young Dancers Programme at Elmhurst 

Have you ever wanted to know what a typical day of a professional dancer with one of the greatest International Ballet Companies is like? You can find out more from Birmingham Royal Ballet’s company members, when you will have an opportunity to ask questions about all aspects of the profession!

*These sessions are free of charge 

Find out what it’s like to train at one of the world’s leading dance schools. This interactive session led by members of our Senior Leadership Team will bring you an insight into life at Elmhurst. We will cover all aspects of the dance training/provision, boarding and academic provision, health and well-being support, links with the profession and industry preparation with opportunities to ask questions.

*These sessions are free of charge 


Students aged 10-13 years old should be studying a recognised syllabus such as RAD, ISTD, Cecchetti or equivalent at grade 5 level or above.  

Students aged 14-19 years old should be studying a recognised syllabus such as RAD, ISTD, Cecchetti or equivalent at Intermediate level or above. 

All students should have a good understanding of balletic vocabulary.

For Contemporary Technique, Creative Contemporary and Jazz technique classes students should have had previous experience in these dance styles. 

The classes available are not aimed at beginners or students under the age of 10 years old.

Physical fitness

Parents and guardians must ensure that students are physically fit with no injuries and considered well and fit enough by their parent or guardian to take part. 

Working space

The exercises delivered in each class are designed to be conducted in a confined space such as a living room. 

Parents and guardians must therefore ensure that: 

  • The space around the student during each class is clear of furniture or other hazards which may cause injury or harm. 
  • The floor surface is not slippery or uneven and is free from hazards that may cause injury to the student.
  • The student has enough space to be able to perform reasonable movement, with enough height to extend their arms fully above their heads and to the sides.  If there is insufficient space to perform these movements, students should not attempt the exercise or adapt to suit their environment.
  • For Ballet classes, the student has a solid and appropriate object to replicate the ballet barre, for example the back of a sturdy chair at the correct height. 

Presentation and clothing

Parents and guardians must ensure that:  

  • The student is appropriately dressed for the lesson being conducted, in addition:
    • Ballet classes: soft ballet shoes should be worn, no pointe shoes. Hair should be appropriately tied back.
    • Jazz classes: students should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing with Jazz shoes or similar. Hair may be worn down but remain off the face.
    • Contemporary classes: students should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing with socks or bare feet if the floor surface allows. Hair may be worn down but remain off the face.

We are using Zoom to deliver each class. Please download Zoom onto your personal device.

Please ensure that your registration name matches your Zoom name in order to access the scheduled class. Only registered names will be admitted into the class

The School takes the safety and welfare of students very seriously. To help minimise any potential risks, we require that participants have a webcam on their device and that it is switched on during all dance classes. Participants will be removed from classes if they are not displaying a video stream. This does not apply to the Q&A sessions or the Insight Into Training talk. 

In booking an online Masterclass with Elmhurst Ballet School, you are confirming that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions for Online Participation policy. 


Parents and guardians must ensure that: 

An appropriate device is used to access each class, which 

  • allows the student to clearly hear both the verbal instruction of the teacher and the music. 
  • is placed in an appropriate area, for example, not in a bedroom
  • where possible, is placed against a neutral background
  • is placed so that the video stream captures the whole body.

Where other individuals are present during the class, they must stay out of view of the device camera. If this is not possible, these individuals must be appropriately dressed.

Please note:

Registers will be taken 5 minutes before the start of each class and latecomers will not be admitted once the class has started.

  • In participating in an Elmhurst Ballet School ‘Back to Dance’ Masterclass, parents, guardians and students agree to the adhere to the 'Participation Requirements'. 
  • Elmhurst Ballet School accepts no responsibility for accident or injury resulting from participation in our ‘Back to Dance’ Masterclasses.
  • Elmhurst Ballet School accepts no responsibility for issues arising from failures on the part of the participant’s WIFI, if the school experiences any technical difficulties we will do our best to reschedule your booking. 
  • Each live class will be recorded and backed up, so that if any issues were to arise, the video can be reviewed. 
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in classes. 
  • Under no circumstances are participants permitted to record any online lessons, post photographs, screen shots or share material given during their lessons on any external media sites or sent individually. This will be treated very seriously should it be ignored.  


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