School tests but not as you know 'em!

Friday March 12th 2021

It was great news that we were able to return to Elmhurst headquarters in Birmingham at the beginning of March with thanks to a robust Covid-19 testing system initiated, recorded and reported by the school’s sterling Health and Wellbeing Team. 


During the first three weeks back at school a huge number of tests took place: 600 tests for students and almost 300 tests for staff and we are pleased to report that all tests came back negative (insert ‘smile’ and ‘boom’ icons here!). The regular testing has been a comfort to everyone at the school and will help to build confidence as the wider community starts to live life post the worst of Covid-19. 


Following the advice issued by the Department for Education, home testing continues throughout the school’s Easter holidays and will pick up again during the summer term. This is to maintain a check on how the virus is progressing and to keep the Elmhurst community safe. 


It is precious to hear the sound of students and staff interacting throughout the school, pianos playing in the dance studios and laughter in the Elmhurst bistro during breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can’t wait for more of the same next term!  

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