Scottish Ballet's James Barton Returns to School

Friday July 14th 2023

The annual Elmhurst Ballet School Awards Ceremony is the final occasion of the school’s academic year and in 2023 marks the last event of Elmhurst’s remarkable Centenary celebrations. This year welcomed a very special guest back to school to present the awards.

Throughout the year we have commemorated, reflected, highlighted and spotlighted Elmhurst past and present, we have even hosted a Royal visit, and on 14 July we looked to the future of dance as we applauded current students who have shone, gone above and beyond or turned a corner with their work.

Generations of Elmhurst students have excelled and our very special guest on the day, James Barton, experienced both the Camberley and Birmingham sites before graduating from the school in 2006. James joined Birmingham Royal Ballet, our associate company, and danced many soloist and Principal roles with BRB. In 2017 he joined the original London cast of An American in Paris and since 2019 he’s been making his mark at Scottish Ballet as their Assistant Rehearsal Director.

James’ dance and Elmhurst story is an inspiration to our students and we are thrilled he returned to school to present the awards. Thank you, James and congratulations on your continued success in dance world. We are extremely proud to call James an Elmhurst alumnus.

Whilst honouring our students, the awards also shine a light on our teaching, the skill of Elmhurst staff and the upmost attention that allows young people in our care to succeed. Regardless of being a recipient of an award, nominating an awardee, or being inspired to improve on something next year, Elmhurst students, you are all winners.


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